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Multimedia Designer 

We are seeking a talented Multimedia Designer to join our Startup. You will be working as a Graphic Designer & jobs require a strong background in design theory, hands-on skills in the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite, and a portfolio that spans various styles and industries.

Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Advertisement Design, Graphic Design, Digital Design, or any related field.


The Graphic Designer job description includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. You’ll be the one to shape the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more.

Your graphics should capture the attention of those who see them and communicate the right message. For this, you need to have a creative flair and a strong ability to translate requirements into design. If you can communicate well and work methodically as part of a team, we’d like to meet you.

The goal is to inspire and attract the target audience.


  • Study design briefs and determine requirements

  • Schedule projects and define budget constraints

  • Conceptualize visuals based on requirements

  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas

  • Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand

  • Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic

  • Work with copywriters and creative director to produce final design

  • Test graphics across various media

  • Amend designs after feedback

  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand


  • Proven graphic designing experience

  • A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics

  • Familiarity with design software and technologies (such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc )

  • A keen eye for aesthetics and details

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines

  • Degree in Design, Fine Arts or related field is a plus

Creative Marketing

You are responsible for the creative strategies and direction of advertising and marketing materials and campaigns. You're also overseeing a company’s interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media platforms.

Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Advertisement, Communication or any related field.


Creative Marketing Job Description 

As a marketing executive, you'll contribute to and develop integrated marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. This a varied role, which includes:

  • planning

  • advertising

  • public relations

  • event organisation

  • product development

  • distribution

  • sponsorship

  • research.



As a marketing executive, you'll need to:

  • create brand awareness through marketing campaign

  • communicate with target audiences and build and develop customer relationships

  • help with marketing plans, advertising, direct marketing and campaigns

  • source advertising opportunities and place adverts in the press or on the radio

  • work closely with in-house or external creative agencies to design marketing materials such as brochures and adverts

  • write and proofread marketing copy for both online and print campaigns

  • produce creative content, including videos and blog posts

  • run social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to enhance audience engagement

  • organise and attend events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions asn an effective distribution of marketing materials

  • maintain and update customer databases

  • develop relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external.

  • Work on marketing professionals approach to develop social media marketing campaigns

  • Interacting with customers and other stakeholders via the company’s social media accounts

  • Analyzing the company’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements

  • Researching social media trends and informing management of changes that are relevant to the company’s marketing activities 

  • Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media campaigns, such as targets for a certain number of shares or likes and measuring a campaign’s performance against the KPIs 

With experience, you'll need to:

  • develop and implement a marketing strategy (often as part of a wider sales and marketing programme)

  • evaluate and review marketing campaigns, advertising and SEO to make sure the correct mediums are being used and campaigns are effective

  • track marketing performance and return on investment and prepare weekly or monthly reports for management

  • monitor and report on competitor activity

  • lead external agencies, when appropriate, to effectively manage events, press relationships, editorial requests, presentations, promotional materials and online activities

  • oversee and manage the marketing budget.

Key skills for marketing executives

  • Good teamwork skills

  • Communication skills and networking ability

  • Adaptability

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Good organisation and planning skills

  • Creativity and writing skills

  • Commercial awareness

  • Numerical skills

  • IT skills

Business Administrator


You are involved in monitoring day-to-day business operations, interacting with external partners, improving business and team performance, negotiating contracts, and analyzing policies and procedures among daily operations.

Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, Project Management or any related field.


Business Administrator Job Description 

We are looking for a self-motivated business administrator with strong leadership skills and a thorough understanding of business operations to facilitate and optimize our business processes. The business administrator’s duties will include overseeing and analyzing financial operations, approving purchases and expenditure, mediating between staff and other executives, appointing heads of departments, marketing and promoting the business, and facilitating training programs.Your expertise in streamlining our business operations will help our organization thrive and maximize efficiency and profits.


Successful candidates must possess strong leadership qualities, analytical skills, thrive under pressure, great people skills, and a strong aptitude for maths. Ultimately, the outstanding business administrator should integrate and streamline business activities, achieve business goals through set strategies, and have a positive impact on staff productivity.


Business Administrator Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Plan strategies for streamlining and improving business operations

  • Drive and supervise positive business growth.

  • Detect wastage and improve efficiency.

  • Oversee day-to-day business activities.

  • Oversee marketing and promotions for a company’s products and services, collaborating with marketing, advertising and public relations teams.

  • Introduce and implement innovative short and long-term business goals.

  • Liaise and consult with clients, staff, and suppliers.

  • Evaluate and enhance employee performance.

  • Improve business programs, technologies, and policies.

  • Negotiate and approve agreements with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Oversee and manage budget activities.

  • Negotiate vendor contracts to identify cost-saving opportunities

  • Harmonize organizational activities.

Business Administrator Requirements:

  • Business admin degree or equivalent.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Problem-solving skills.

  • Must be able to prioritize.

  • Strong aptitude for math.

  • Broad business knowledge.

  • Ethical behavior.

  • Excellent networking skills.

  • Accounting and finance experience.

Intern Job Description 


To assist the marketing and creative team in creating and designing visual elements for wanderhand online marketing and digital channels and participate in designing the tech accessories collection.

Employment type : PAID INTERNSHIP ( OPEN )


Creative Marketing Intern (Work From Home)


Paid & Virtual Internship

We need you ASAP!


As the Creative Marketing Intern here, you will collaborate with our growth & marketing team in all stages of the marketing funnel, and be able to engage with various marketing channels from paid advertising to content marketing and more.


You don’t need to be an expert or know everything about our industry (even we don’t!). But the work is challenging, fast paced, and always on the bleeding edge. So, we’re looking for someone with a curious mind, a strong drive to make things happen, and a passion to keep improving yourself.