About Us

Our Team

Wanderhand is made up of a bunch of fun loving and passionate designers, illustrators, product designers and marketers. Our bonds are strengthened by a common goal: to make society a healthier community by creating and promoting a beauty-centered hygiene routine.

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Who Are We?

We are a young start-up that aspires to bring you the best of both hand hygiene and hand care to provide hand sanitizing products that are uniquely skin friendly.

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We Love Animals

All of our products are made from ethically sourced ingredients and good manufacturing practices to ensure maximum satisfaction for our users.

What makes us Unique


MOH Approved

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Ethically Sourced


Cruelty - Free

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kills 99.9% germs

Pleasant Scent

Travel - Friendly

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Take Comfort in Our Scents


Lively Citrus

Refresh and energize your tired hands with our citrus hand wash! Inspired by sunny citrus grooves, each wash leaves your hands smelling fruity-licious!


Dreamy Lavender

Soothe and calm your delicate hands with the dreamy scent of lavender. Enriched with natural lavender oil extract.


Ocean Blue

Relive memories of your tropical getaway with our yogurt infused ocean hand wash which effectively kills germs while keeping your hands moisturized.

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The Wanderhand Experience 

Free your hands from the invasion of germs and bacteria with our skin-loving hand wash solution. With it's creamy lather, each wash guarantees to keep your hands moisturized and pampered. Fits into pockets of all shapes and sizes, making it the perfect hygiene companion for your vibrant life. 


Our values

Here at Wanderhand, we value good personal hygiene and great health. We believe that a happy, healthy and good life begins from an excellent hygiene routine. However, practicing good hygiene habits need not be mundane! Hence, we are here to make it fun and convenient! We have crafted our products to suit your daily needs and lifestyle.


Wanderhand is a beauty forward hand hygiene company. We strive to provide you with hand hygiene that makes both you and your skin happy! We aim to redesign the hygiene commodity and create a movement as important as your skincare and makeup routines.


Our MINI hand wash is suitable for all skin types and ideal for frequent hand washing as our carefully curated ingredients moisturizes your skin with each wash. It also eliminates 99.9% of pathogens from your precious hands. Our calming scent comprises of lavender, orange and yogurt which not only helps to relax the senses but also creates a truly revitalizing cleansing experience.


Each tube contains 35ml of soothing hand hygiene. Our lightweight formula comes with jojoba beads to encourage you to spend 20 seconds (maybe even more) to wash your hands, leaving you with wonderfully scented hands that will be the envy of others. Wanderhand MINI hand wash are born to be travel friendly as their handy packaging are designed to be pocket-sized so you can pop them in your handbag without worrying about spills. Worried about safety? Fret not! Our products are officially registered with KKM! 

Let’s kill the Virus, not the VIBES! ✨